Cross Creek Nursery & Landscaping

Store Hours for our Nursery: Mon. – Sat. 8 AM to 8 PM & Sundays 10 AM to 8 PM

This past year, Cross Creek Nursery celebrated 46 years of serving the Richmond area. Our humble beginning takes us back to Carytown, to a little shop by the name of Tropical Treehouse. Today, Cross Creek Nursery consists of 160+ employees and 5 divisions. One thing we’ve never lost sight of thru the years is how we enjoy working with our customers, and giving them the individual attention they deserve. Whether helping a customer choose the right shrubs for their yard, designing a new outdoor room, or offering support to a nervous bride as she chooses her wedding flowers, we believe in keeping our commitment to excellence in all we do. Being able to guide and assist you in your next venture is the reason we love what we do!

Garden Club Promotions

November 22nd – December 5th