Pachysandra ‘Green’ 3 QT

Pachysandra ‘Green’ is a popular choice for groundcover. It spreads quickly and produces small white flowers in the spring. Pachysandra needs well draining soil and shade, but they can tolerate some sun.

Pachysandra Green Sheen 4″ 18c

Pachysandra Green Sheen 4″ 18 Count

Low growing with lustrous green leaves, requires well-drained soil.  Plant in part to full shade areas.  Plants will spread by rhizomes to create a thick, evergreen ground cover. This product contains eighteen 4″ plants.


Pachysandra Green Flat (Qty 50

Pachysandra ‘Green’ Flat (Qty 50)

Excellent shade ground cover, space 18” apart, will colonize (spread) in second and future seasons, creating a “lush carpet” effect.
No need to remove the peat pots, roots grow right through.  Very cold tolerant, water weekly for first growing season.


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