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Cross Creek Staff Favorite Houseplants

Nick Orchids Nick is our resident expert on roses, but he also loves blooming houseplants. He appreciate  orchids because they’re an easy plant to care for. Nick explained “I like the houseplants that thrive on neglect . . . for… Continue Reading…

Gift Guide

Cross Creek Holiday Gift Guide

Local Gifts Shopping from local businesses is one of the best ways to spread holiday cheer. It’s a win-win; you get a unique product and the joy of knowing you support the community. This year, Cross Creek has partnered with… Continue Reading…


5 Steps to Prepare your Garden for the Winter

The return of cold weather that marks the end of the growing season is often bittersweet. The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to put away the gardening tools. Perennials die back, trees begin to shed their… Continue Reading…


Focus Underground this Fall

In the spring and summer months, successful gardeners measure the results of their hard work by the sight of healthy plants emerging from the soil. As deciduous plants and perennials return year after year, we have a tendency to focus… Continue Reading…


Groundcover Plants to Elevate your Garden

The key to creating sustainable and cohesive gardens lies in the details. Once you’ve picked out the perfect statement trees, planted foundational shrubs, and brightened your yard with perennial flowers, there’s still one important element to consider: groundcover. Groundcover plants… Continue Reading…

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The Best Perennials for a Pollinator Garden

There’s nothing better than the sound of bees buzzing and the glimpse of butterfly wings around your garden. Not only do these creatures add liveliness to your yard, but they’re also critical members of our ecosystem that need our support.… Continue Reading…

Gardening, Wildlife

Adding Native Plants to your Landscape

The trees and shrubs available at Cross Creek Nursery are native to dozens of different countries with different habitats and climates. Crape Myrtles, for example, grow natively in eastern Asia but many homeowners in the southeastern United States choose to… Continue Reading…