Take the worry out of your plant investment.

Since 1975, Cross Creek Nursery Interiorscapes Division has been recognized and respected for fresh and innovative designs in interior landscaping as well as reliable customer service. We will take the time to personally meet with you and discuss your design needs and budget, and later formulate a plan that incorporates decorative elements along with lush living plants that will greatly transform your interior space.

Cross Creek will professionally deliver and install your interior plants in a timely manner. You can choose to maintain them yourself or let us do that for you. No budget is too small to create a finished Interiorscape to complete your space.

Our team of experienced technicians provide ongoing maintenance services that are guaranteed to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

All plants under our maintenance contract will look as good, or better as the day they were installed. Our contract covers free plant replacement with similar or like plant.​

Go Green!

Green spaces improve aesthetics by softening architectural elements, and creating an attractive and inviting environment for your employees and clients.

Studies have shown that indoor plants boost productivity and reduce stress levels, as well as reducing employee days off due to illness. Plants do more than beautify your surroundings.

Improved air quality is created by the interior plants absorbing toxins as they filter the air. Plants naturally produce oxygen and help to maintain an appropriate humidity level.


“Cross Creek has been wonderful to work with over the years here at Markel. All three of our buildings have wonderful interior landscaping thanks to Cross Creek and their ideas. Cross Creek is super responsive and extremely easy to communicate with. Thank you Cross Creek!”
Facilities Administrator Markel-Workplace Resources

“We’ve been working with Cross Creek for about 6 years. During this time, Cross Creek customer service has remained unchanged. Always helpful, quick to respond, and more importantly, Cross Creek aims to please their customers.Our office plants always look healthy and amazing due to their friendly, knowledgeable staff that visit our office weekly.”
RT Specialty/Richmond