Resources from the Gardening Experts at Cross Creek

The experts at Cross Creek Nursery and Landscaping provide several different gardening resources throughout the year. Our monthly newsletters, periodic blogs, and gardening videos all focus on different gardening and seasonal issues that are directly related to the Richmond area.

Groundcover Plants to Elevate your Garden

The key to creating sustainable and cohesive gardens lies in the details. Once you’ve picked out the perfect statement trees, planted foundational shrubs, and brightened your yard with perennial flowers, there’s still one important element to consider: groundcover. Groundcover plants not only add visual interest at the ground level of your garden, but they also … Continue Reading…

The Best Perennials for a Pollinator Garden

There’s nothing better than the sound of bees buzzing and the glimpse of butterfly wings around your garden. Not only do these creatures add liveliness to your yard, but they’re also critical members of our ecosystem that need our support. Pollinators like native honey bees, butterflies, and birds are crucial to plant reproduction; according to… Continue Reading…

Adding Native Plants to your Landscape

The trees and shrubs available at Cross Creek Nursery are native to dozens of different countries with different habitats and climates. Crape Myrtles, for example, grow natively in eastern Asia but many homeowners in the southeastern United States choose to include them in their landscaping for their colorful blooms. Planting trees, shrubs, and perennials native… Continue Reading…

Cross Creek Newsletters

Cross Creek sends out newsletters each month to update our customers on events around the nursery, advertise ongoing promotions, and share our monthly blog posts. If you’d like to subscribe to our Garden Club newsletter, click here to sign up. It’s free and easy!

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