Locally Grown Sod

We carry a Premium Tall Fescue Blend Grown for our Central Virginia Climate. Our Sod is 90% Tall Fescue and 10% Kentucky Blue Grass.


Per Roll = 1.1 SQ. YD  2’x4.5′ = 9 sq. ft 

 $6.99 per roll    

By the Pallet (60Rolls):

Pickup at Nursery: $349.00

​​Delivered:   $399.00

Install and Care Instructions:

Our Sod is cut and delivered within an hour so you know its fresh. If you have pre-ordered sod please plan on picking it up within 24 Hours. Once you have picked up your sod – please lay it within 24 hours. Have your surface prepared ahead of time.​Sod in rolls builds up heat, which can damage the grass if left too long. When laying sod on a slope, place it horizontally along the slope, offsetting each row (like wallpaper).  Sod is easy to lay, 2 people can lay a pallet of sod in about 1 hour.Irrigate right away, and a couple of times a day in hot weather to cool it down (not too soggy). In about a week to 10 days, the roots of the sod will grow into the soil below. ​Reduce watering.

How Much Do I need?

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Length (in feet)
Width (in feet)

Ordering and Availability:

Sod Comes in weekly on Thursday afternoon. Due to high demand we strongly encourage ordering in advance. You can order below or call our office at 804-378-0700. Orders received prior to Tuesday at 10am should be available for pickup or delivery the same week. Sod is available year round but during extreme heat or cold, availability may be affected. Call for an update during these periods.  Sod may be delayed to weather conditions.


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